Patient Products

If you are a herbal patient you will have individually prepared mixture(s) of herbs based on consultation with your herbal practitioner. However some products of handmade herbal items are suitable for everyday use for minor complaints and can be ordered direct, see list below. Items marked * are grown in Devon.

For internal use

Cramp Bark* Capsules
Antispasmodic relief for muscular and period pains.

Willow Bark* Capsules
Anti-inflammatory pain relief with a natural form of aspirin.

For external use

Wirch Hazel* Moisturiser
Enriched and moisturising for dry or damaged skin.

Distilled Witch Hazel*
An astringent lotion used to tone skin and for reducing inflammation.

Eau de Cologne Splash
Based on an 1878 recipe including essential oils of lemon, neroli and sweet orange, a great freshener on waking.

Marigold Balm
Helps to moisturise dry skin and is antiseptic and anti-fungal.

Rose Gentle Oil
A very gentle and enriching oil for sensitive skin.

Witch Hazel* and Rosemary* Deodorant
Freshening spray useful for underarm odours.

You can order online at the website of Holt Wood Herbs.

Illustrations are from: RC Wren Potter's Cyclopaedia of Botanical Drugs and Preparations 5th ed. Potter and Clarke Ltd 1941