Medical Herbalism

Herbalism is a system of healing based on the use of plants as medicine. Treatment is based on a wealth of knowledge which has been passed down through the centuries. Many of these remedies have now been shown by research to have medicinal actions. The medical herbalist takes a holistic view of ill-health and disease, seeking to reach the underlying causes through a detailed case history. The aim of treatment is to provide relief, and to support your own self-healing potential, enabling you to regain balance in the systems of your body. By consulting a qualified medical herbalist you can ensure that your particular condition is treated appropriately. You can also be advised about taking herbs safely alongside medicines from your doctor.

This website is intended as a resource for patients and others interested in herbal medicine. Here you can find out how a medical herbalist works and what happens when you consult a medical herbalist. There are a range of simple self-help suggestions for common ailments which you can try out yourself. Information is given about some of the products available to patients. Also you can find here a few useful links in the world of herbal medicine and a brief guide to books which may be useful. Please note that no responsibility can be taken for the use of advice taken without personal professional guidance. If you have any comments then do get in touch.

Important: Advice from this site is for general guidance only. If symptoms persist, or if you have any doubts, you should always consult a medical herbalist or general medical practitioner.